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Signing of MoU between PSEB, Microsoft and AZM.
Islamabad – 19th March: Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), Microsoft and AZM Computer Services signed a MoU to collaborate in the rollout of GBMS (Global Business Management Solution), an open source ERP developed by AZM Computers in consultation with PRGMEA (Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association) and PHMA (Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers Association.) The product was developed under PSEB’s Industry Automation project and has been successfully implemented in 15 member units of PRGMEA and PHMA resulting in 50-60% increase in productivity. Under the MOU, Microsoft would partner with AZM Computers to provide support in migration of the software to Microsoft technologies and in marketing the product to more than 700 member units of PRGMEA and PHMA. AZM Computers would ensure migration to Microsoft technologies. This collaboration would allow for flexibility for the industrial units to implement the software based on their IT environment.
Mr. Talib Baloch, Acting MD PSEB, said that “In order to boost the productivity of SME industrial units and to provide an opportunity for the local software companies to gain expertise in developing ERP for different industry verticals, PSEB has funded several software development companies for the development of ERP software for different industry verticals. The collaboration between Microsoft and the software companies would ensure maximum flexibility and benefits to the end user. He urged the industrial units to avail the opportunity for increase in productivity by implementing the software.”
Mr. Sherif Seddik, Regional Director for Microsoft North Africa, East Mediterranean and Pakistan said, “Microsoft strongly feels that it must work hand in hand with companies that are driving the local software ecosystems to provide them with latest technologies and support to help address the key challenges of domestic industries.”
Mr. Noman Jamil, CEO, AZM Computer Services said, “At AZM, we are fully committed to develop state-of-the-art IT solutions for local industries enabling optimum utilization of time and resources as well as increased productivity. Development of the GBMS application is the direct result of this commitment.”
Considering that the initiative will play a vital role in increasing the economic growth of the country, Business Support Fund (BSF) announced that it will support the initiative by providing 50% funding for the implementation cost of the GBMS application including the cost of software licenses involved.



AZM whizzes in Dubai
AZM after successful twenty five year’s history in Pakistan and completion of one year triumph in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia now whizzes in Dubai. Our new branch as a result of our collaboration with Smart Technology Distribution FZCO has opened in February 2008. A blend of AZM providing comprehensive and innovative solutions and Dubai based Smart Technology Distribution FZCO a force of young and dynamic IT professionals and one of the leading computer components distributors with wide experience in the Middle East, CIS and African market will result in providing ERP, open source and customized software solutions in addition to BPR/BPO and consultancy services.

AZM at GITEX Technology Week, Dubai 2007
Following the success of earliest participation in GITEX, AZM again came across the complimentary sensation during its partaking in GITEX Technology week, held in Dubai, from Sep 08th to 12th, 2007. GITEX is the largest international Information Technology exhibition that proves to be a gateway to the Middle East IT market.
The GITEX Technology Week aimed at providing common forum for the entrepreneurs from across the region by focusing on the fastest growing sectors, which included GITEX Business Solutions, GULFCOMMS and Consumer Electronics. AZM enters the middle-east marketplace in terms of sourcing their work that strengthens its aim of intensifying the services worldwide.

AZM sharing in ITCN Asia 2007 (Karachi).
AZM participated in ITCN Asia 2007, held in Karachi from 09th Aug to 11th Aug, 2007, with their extensive range of offerings.ITCN Asia has proven to be a biggest IT Exhibition in Asia, and provides the platform for domestic and international markets to explore the new market and promote their businesses by identifying the right partners.
IT Minister Mr. Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari visited the AZM Stall during the ITCN Exhibition with extremely admiring outlook. The leading businesses entrepreneurs highly appreciated AZM commitment in making IT solutions accessible by every segment of the market.

AZM announces the commencement of Multilingual GBMS Development
The GBMS launch is not the finale of AZM�s accomplishment voyage. After the development of general ERP concept proposed for industrial automation of Garments & Hosiery Associates, AZM�s R&D now steps forward by commencing its work on multilingual GBMS development and is turning GBMS to facilitate generously in any public & private sector.
To localize the AZM in global market and to make our customer�s around the globe feel that GBMS is designed exclusively for them; AZM has moved towards the development of multilingual GBMS. The GBMS with multilingual capability will allow the users of any region to operate software in their preferred language to get the fully functional benefits of GBMS. It will bring closer the businesses from diverse parts of world by reducing the communication gaps.
And, AZM is delighted to announce that the development of multilingual HRMS module has successfully come to an end that shows AZM�s eagerness to serve its clients.

AZM signs Business Partnership Co-operative Program (MoU) with BITS
AZM Computer Services (Pvt.) Ltd. and BITS, Saudi Arabia has crossed the threshold and entered into elongated contract for the marketing of AZM products & services in Saudi Arabia. BITS has united with AZM for the promotion of AZM Products in KSA, and to prolong this healthy bond, AZM & BITS will be looking forward to expand their joint services in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries.
The AZM-BITS arrangement initiative took place in GITEX 2007, KSA and it came to recognition after the Business Partnership Co-Operative Program (MoU) was signed between AZM Computer Services (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan & BITS, Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan's first Open ERP Software launched for Garments and Hosiery Associations
AZM is indebted to its team and customers for making the AZM triumph by attaining the numerous achievements. The successful development of first Open Source ERP in Pakistan titled as Global Business Management Solutions (GBMS) is one of those realizations.
The inaugural ceremony of GBMS was held in Lahore on 02nd June, 2007 where IT Minister Mr. Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari had the honor of GBMS launch. AZM encountered a spectacular response by the Pakistan’s leading industrialists.The awarding ceremony was held in the presence of the Pakistan’s IT Minister and was jointly attended by the AZM & Pakistan Software Export Board representatives.The GBMS is a success as it has the capability of responding proactively to changes in today’s competitive business climate. It provides quick and easy implementation; accurate and timely processing of all the transactions, improved decision support through better reporting and analysis. It can greatly increase the operational efficiency of the businesses – an advantage crucial to success in today’s fast moving organization arena

PSEB awards the Certificate of Appreciation to the AZM Computer Services (Pvt.) Ltd.on the completion of GBMS.

Participation in GITEX Saudi Arabia 2007
AZM encountered a consoling response by the world market leaders during its participation in information technology exhibition, GITEX KSA 2007, held in Saudi Arabia. “GITEX Saudi Arabia 2007” was held in Riyadh, from April 15th to 19th 2007”.
GITEX is among the world’s top three IT exhibitions and proves to be the most important gateway to the Middle East market. This year’s GITEX was the Saudi Arabia’s sixth international IT exhibition.
Active participation of AZM in GITEX has initiated the plans of outsourcing of work through new alliances. Therefore AZM has decided to start Alliance/Partnership Program to strengthen this joining together by intensifying our services to the ending turn of the world.


MoU between AZM Computer Services (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan and CWorks Systems Berhad, Malaysia
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between AZM Computer Services (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan & CWorks Systems Berhad, Malaysia was signed on 17th of April, 2007 during the event of GITEX 2007 at Riyadh, Saudia Arabia.The Signing Ceremeony was held in the presence of the ambassador of Malaysia in Saudi Arabia and was jointly attended by Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation & Pakistan Software Export Board representative.AZM and CWorks have agreed to collaborate for the development, marketing and implementation in Pakistan, Malaysia, GCC & other regional countries, of Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) and other software products developed by AZM & CWorks.

DHIS Development Completed Successfully
Health Management Information System (HMIS) for first level care facility (FLCF) was introduced in 1992 through Ministry of Health Government of Pakistan. Government of Japan, through JICA extended its assistance on the request of Government of Pakistan and sponsored a "Study on Improvement of Management Information System in Health Sector". JICA selected Japan based Consultancy Company System Sciences Consultants (SSC) as the study team and AZM were given mandate to design, develop & implement DHIS software based on the study team output.Being an initiative partner of PSEB/Ministry of Information Technology for the promotion of software development based on Open Source Technology (industrial automation project) and keeping in view the client requirements, AZM proposed to its client and selected Linux, Apache, PostGrsSQL and PHP framework.

The vision behind the development of DHIS in the study project is to automate operational & feedback functions across the whole organization. It is expected that its implantation will improve and accelerate the current performance of the selected districts. Another important factor of this project is to introduce and promote IT and get immediate results through implementation of feedback system.Recently AZM successfully completed the development phase of the DHIS application and started the implementation at pilot location in all the four provinces covering provincial and district offices of health departments.
Tally Solutions Middle East Joined Hands with AZM
AZM Computer Services joined hand with Tally Solutions Middle East, for the implementation of world first multilingual Business Accounting and Inventory Management Software, ERP Solutions in Pakistan. From December 1st 2006 AZM is a Proud Solution Partner of Tally Solutions, with a vision to reach out to Pakistan's market and provide the right solutions to them and in turn achieve market dominance and leadership.